World Forex

Expiry Times
1 minute - 7 days
100% Deposit Bonus
Demo Account
Min. Trade
0.01 Lots
Min. Deposit

World Forex is an online broker that offers speculation on a wide range of underlying assets, including forex, cryptocurrency, stocks (company shares) and commodities. Their main products are Digital Contracts and Contracts for Difference (CFDs). The Digital Contracts are similar to High/Low binary options.

With a World Forex account, you get access to the well-known and popular trading platforms MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader (MT5), which both come with a lot of built-in tools for technical analysis.

The smallest trade size at World Forex is just $1.

A downside with World Forex is the withdrawal fees.

Ownership and regulations

World Forex was established in 2007 in the Britihs Virgin Islands.

In 2016, the broker was aquired by Existrade Ltd. This company is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and regulated by the Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA).

This is not considered a top-tier regulator in terms of retail trader protection, since they have a rather permissive approach to online brokers. This is, of course, also the reason why they are still permitting the sale and distribution of binary options and similar contracts to retail traders.

You will not have Negative Account Protection when using leverage at World Forex.

World Forex is a participant in the Financial Commission insurance scheme. If you have a complaint with this broker that is not resolved within 14 days, you can escalate the complaint to the Financial Commission. The Financial Commission is not a regulator or governmental agency.


World Forex offers a lot of commission-free trading, but will charge commissions on cryptocurrency trading.


Floating spreads for 0.0 pips are available if you have a W-CRYPTO Account.

Floating spreads from 0.6 pips are available if you have a W-CENT Account or W-PROFI Account.

Fixed spreads are available from 1.8 pips for W-CENT-fix, W-PROFI-fix and W-DIGITAL Accounts.

Digital contracts

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The product called “Digital Contract” at World Forex is very similar to what other brokers call “Binary Option”. With a Digital Contract, you stake your money on whether the underlying asset will be above or below the start price at expiry time. If your prediction turns out to be correct, the contract pays out a pre-determined amount of money. If your prediction is incorrect, you lose your stake.

Digital traders on World Forex can speculate on many different currency pairs, including EUR/USD and USD/GBP. They can also speculate on the price of gold (XAU) and silver (XAG).

European-style vs. American-style Digital Contracts at World Forex

World Forex offers European-style and American-style digital contracts. The contract length for European-style and American-style contracts vary from 1 minute to 7 days.

The payout vary depending on a variety of factors, including contract style, underlying asset and expiry time.

The maximum payout for American-style digital contracts is 100%.

The maximum payout for European-style digital contracts is 85%.

For a European-style digital contract at World Forex, the contract runs for its pre-determined lifetime and then expires. It is the situation for the underlying asset upon the expiry time that determines if the contract pays out or not.

With an American-style digital contract, you have the opportunity to end the option early, thereby locking in a profit on a position that is currently in-the-money. When you chose to end the option early, you do not get the full payout, because you will be paying a 40% commission to the broker.

Digital Contracts 0-100

A third type of digital contract available with this broker is the Digital Contract 0-100.

This contract type has a higher maximum stake per contract and a high payout. It does not permit early closing. The assortment of contract lenghts is comparatively limited and ranges from 1 hour to 5 days. (Turbos are not available.)

The payout for Digital Contracts 0-100 is always 100% when they pay out.

Investment (stake) limits

For American-style and European-style contracts, you the investment (stake) caps are:

  • Maximum 300 USD per individual contract.
  • Maximum of 2,000 USD for all active contracts combined.

For Digital Contracts 0-100, the caps are:

  • Maximum 1,500 USD per individual contract.
  • Maximum of 1,500 USD for all active contracts combined.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

World Forex offers Contracts for Difference (CFDs) based on company shares, forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

  • The assortment of underlying instruments includes 40+ shares, including shares in well-known companies such as Amazon, Google and IBM.
  • Over 50 different forex pairs are included in the assortment. Some of the most popular are EUR/USD and EUR/GBP.
  • At the time of writing, ten different cryptocurrencies are available for CFD speculation, including Bitcoin and Ether (Ethereum).
  • Examples of availabe underlying commodities are gold, silver and Brent oil.


How much leverege you will be offered for a deal depends on several factors, including your account balance.

  • If the account balance is $1 – $1,000 the maximum possible leverage is 1:1000.
  • If the account balance is $1,001 – $5,000 the maximum possible leverage is 1:500.

For even higher account balances, the maximum possible leverage will be even lower. If the account balance exceeds $100,000 the maximum possible leverage drops to 1:33.

Important: Special rules apply to cryptocurrency positions. The maxium leverage for cryptocurrency positios is 1:25 for up to 20 lots. If the position is bigger than 20 lots, the maximum leverage becomes lower. For really big positions of 100 lots or more, the maximum possible leverage is 1:1.

Stop-out level

The stop-out level is 5%, except for crypto trading, for which the stop-out is 20%.

Several trading platforms are available

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

World Forex traders have access to the well-known third-party trading platforms MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These platforms are extremely popular and if you have been trading online before you might already be familiar with them, since so many brokers around the world are using them.

The MT4 is older and was developed chiefly for forex trading. The MT5 was released later and adapted for a wider range of assets. Both works great and come with a lot of built-in tools and features.

For technical analysis, the MT4 comes with nine timeframes for charts, 24 graphical objects and 30 integrated indicators. If you need more indicators, you can download them to the terminal. The MT5 has even more than the MT4, and comes with 21 timeframes, 44 graphical objects and 38 integrated indicators.


The WebTrader platforms open directly in the browser window. You can use it to trade digital contracts and forex. One-click trading is available.

FX Lite BO App

The FX Lite BO App is a mobile trading app available for Android and iOS.

Try it out risk-free using a free World Forex Demo Account

You can open a free Demo Account with World Forex to check out what they have to offer before you decide if you want to make a first deposit or not.

The Demo Account comes with an unlimited amount of free play-money which can be used to purchase the broker´s European, American and Digital Contracts 0-100 products.

Account types for real-money trading

Several different account types are available, including W-DIGITAL Account, W-CRYPTO Account, W-CENT Account, W-CENT-fix Account, W-PROFI Account, and W-PROFI-fix Account.

The key differences between the various accounts concerns the pricing models. Do you want variable or fixed spreads and/or pay commissions?

With the W-DIGITAL account, you can make trades as small as $1, but the maximum trade is limited to $300.

Can I sign-up for a Muslim Account?

Yes, a Muslim / Islam / Halal / Sharia Account is avaialable. Contact the customer support for more information before you sign-up.

Can I sign-up for an Indian Demat Account?

No, this account type is not available.

Other speciality accounts

STP Accounts and ECN Accounts are available with this broker. You can not get a DMA, MAM, PAMM, or LAMM Account.

Miscellaneous resources

  • Live news streams
  • Free calculators for calculating potential profits and losses
  • Educational material, including guides for using charts
  • A free trading course is available for World Forex traders who want to learn more about the forex market.

Deposits and withdrawals


Minimum deposit is $1.

A wide range of transaction methods are accepted for deposits into a World Forex trading account, including a selection of credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfer, wire transfer, and cryptocurrency transfers.

World Forex does not charge deposit fees.

Examples of available deposit methods:

  • Wire transfer (this is a slow method and it can take up to 5 business days before the money shows up in your World Forex trading account)
  • VISA card (a very quick deposit method)
  • MasterCard (a very quick deposit method)
  • Google Pay (a very quick deposit method)
  • Apple Pay (a very quick deposit method)
  • Bitcoin transfer (takes up to six hours, depending on the blockchain situation)
  • Dash transfer (takes up to six hours, depending on the blockchain situation)
  • Payeer (a very quick deposit method)
  • Perfect Money (a very quick deposit method)
  • ADVcash (a very quick deposit method)
  • Alfa-Click (a very quick deposit method)
  • Promsvyazbank transfer (a very quick deposit method)
  • Russkiy Standart (a very quick deposit method)
  • Sberbank bank transfer (takes up to 1 day)
  • Tinkoff (takes up to 1 day)


Withdrawals are made through the same method as the deposits.

Unfortunatelly, World Forex will charge you withdrawal fee to process your withdrawal for most of the transaction methods. The withdrawal fees ranges from 1% to 4% of the withdrawal amount + a fixed charge. This can put a dent in your bankroll over time.

Account currencies

The available account currencies are EUR, USD and RUB.

If you fund your account using another currency, you may have to pay a currency conversion fee.

Customer support

World Forex offers customer support through phone, live chat and email. Help is available in English, Russian and Thai.

Phone support:

  • Great Britain: +44 870 479 8221
  • Russia: +7 495 266 60 77
  • Thailand: +66 093 181 4643

Live chat: You will find the live chat on the World Forex web site.

Email address:

Phone support is only available during office hours in their respective country.

Welcome bonus

There is a no-deposit welcome bonus of either $10 or $20 that will show up in your account when you have completed the sign-up, before you have made your first deposit.

The no-deposit bonus is not available for withdrawal.

The no-deposit bonus can only be used for forex trading and not to buy any digital contracts.

Other promotions

  • There is often a promotion going on where you get a 100% deposit bonus if your deposit is more than $100. This promotion can also give you free access to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), a service that World Forex normally charges $5.99 for.
  • World Forex has a cashback program.
  • This broker frequently runs trading contests and tournaments with cash or bonus money prizes.

Questions and anwsers

Can I speculate on commodities here?

Yes, despit the name “World Forex”, this broker is not just available for forex speculation. One of the things they offer is commodity speculation and you can use this broker to gain exposure to commodities such as silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and crude oil.

Can I speculate on cryptocurrencies here?

Yes, you can speculate on cryptocurrencies such as:

  • BCH
  • BTC
  • DSH
  • EOS
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • NEO
  • XMR
  • XRP


What is the highest possible leverage for CFDs at World Forex?


Is copy trading available?

Yes, copy trading is available through the MetaTrader platforms. You can chose form a wide range of singal-providers based on their track records and risk levels.

Is automated trading available?


Does World Forex offer a Virtual Private Server (VPS) feature?

Yes, but it is not a free service. At the time of writing, it costs $5.99.

Does World Forex offer Ladder Binary Options?


Does World Forex offer Boundary Binary Options?


Can I use the platform cTrader with World Forex?


Will I get Negative Account Balance Protection with this broker?

No, when you are using leverage at World Forex, you do not have Negative Account Balance Protection.

Is World Forex a Market Maker?


Is P2P trading available here?