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Below you find a list of the best binary options brokers that allow deposits and withdrawals by Google Wallet:

Binary Brokers with Google Wallet

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About Google Wallet

Introduced in 2011, Google Wallet, once known as Google Pay and originally Android Pay, was Google’s response to counteract the surge of competitor wallets from brands like Apple and Samsung.

In the ten years that followed, Google has positioned itself as a dominant force in mobile payments. Today, it boasts a user base exceeding 100 million. Its applications span across multiple industries, such as personal finance and online trading.

Top-tier banks like HSBC, Revolut, Monzo, Halifax, and Lloyds have integrated Google Wallet. But, while many financial institutions support it, not all binary options brokers have adopted it yet.

Features of Google Wallet

  • Functionality: Serving as an electronic payment platform, Google Pay provides easy access to stored funds, tickets, and other essential data. Users can shop online, through apps, or at physical stores using the app, available for free on Android and Google devices.
  • Usage for Trading: Binary options brokers accepting Google Wallet handle it similarly to other e-wallets. To deposit, traders open their trading account, go to the deposit/withdrawal section, and choose the Google icon as their desired payment method.
  • Setting up: Registering for Google Pay requires an email and phone number. Once set up, users can link their payment cards for convenient transaction management.
  • Limits: Google doesn’t dictate transfer ceilings, but individual binary options brokers might have specific deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • Global Presence: Google Pay operates in numerous countries, handling currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, ZAR, and CHF. However, when used for binary options trading, brokers should offer the currency as a primary account currency to avoid excessive conversion fees. Notably, Google now supports cryptocurrency transactions, beneficial for traders as more brokers are accepting digital currencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT.
  • Transaction Speed: Google Pay ensures swift transactions with associated merchants, including binary options brokers. For instance, World Forex guarantees instant deposits, whereas withdrawals are settled within 30 minutes. Some exceptions might arise due to public holidays or additional identity verifications, as mandated by KYC and AML regulations.
  • Pricing: Google Wallet is available for free on the Google Play Store. Debit card payments are fee-free, but credit card transactions might incur charges. Some brokers or intermediaries might levy processing or handling fees.
  • Security: Google Wallet prioritizes user security. Users undergo a thorough identity verification process, and throughout their usage, authentication is ensured via passcodes, fingerprints, or pin entries. Additionally, payment card details are encrypted and aren’t directly shared with merchants.
  • Depositing: After logging in, traders can authorize deposits using various authentication methods. If unsuccessful, they’ll receive an error notification.
  • Emergency Measures: In dire situations, the Android Device Manager allows users to lock or erase their devices. They can also monitor and report any suspicious activity within their transaction history.
  • Support: Google Wallet users can consult the comprehensive FAQ on the Play Store or contact the support team. If traders encounter issues with their broker, they can directly communicate with the broker’s customer support, which is typically available round the clock.

Pros and Cons


  • Growing acceptance among binary options brokers.
  • Backed by several major international banks.
  • Free deposits with most brokers.
  • Compatibility with Android and Google devices.
  • Support for major currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Quick, secure, and flexible transaction methods.
  • Zero charges for debit card transactions.


  • Exclusively for Android or Google users.
  • Fewer binary options brokers support it compared to options like PayPal.

Binary Options Transactions via Google Wallet

Depositing and withdrawing funds from binary options brokers using Google Pay is straightforward. The process involves adding funds to your linked card, selecting Google Pay in the broker’s payment section, choosing the desired card, and then verifying the transaction. Withdrawals typically return to the original deposit source.

Final Thoughts

Google Wallet provides a user-friendly method for funding binary options trading accounts. The charges are generally minimal, and transactions are processed promptly. Although its adoption among binary options brokers is still growing, the increasing trend towards mobile trading will likely boost its popularity. For those ready to invest, consult our list of top Google Wallet-compatible binary options brokers.


How Do Google Wallet Deposits To Binary Options Accounts Work?

Google Wallet allows funds to be transferred to and from binary options accounts through linked payment cards.

Is Google Pay Reliable for Binary Options Trading?

Absolutely. Google Wallet provides robust security features, ensuring safe transactions for binary options traders.

Are Google Wallet Deposits to Binary Options Brokers Charge-Free?

While Google Pay itself doesn’t impose fees, some brokers or intermediaries might.

Which Brokers Accept Google Wallet Deposits?

The list is currently shorter than for other payment methods, but as mobile trading gains traction, this is expected to change.