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About Paytrust88

Founded in 2016, Paytrust88 Limited is a prominent payment solution in South East Asia, catering to countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, and others. With the increasing inclination of binary options brokers towards local payment solutions, Paytrust88 emerges as a bridge, ensuring smooth, cost-effective, and secure transactions between brokers and traders.

Understanding the Process

Paytrust88 enables binary option brokers to receive payments via the user’s existing bank details. Traders can use various accepted currencies like the South Korean won, Malaysian ringgit, and Chinese yuan. This secure encrypted gateway does not necessitate extra sign-ups, offering compatibility across devices – mobiles, tablets, or desktops.

Transaction Dynamics

While Paytrust88 ensures swift deposits, with platforms like GC Option even reflecting them within 15 minutes, the clearing time can differ according to local banks. Public holidays and weekends may further influence the timelines. When it comes to withdrawals, they typically take longer, depending on bank procedures and the broker’s identity verification process.

Pricing Insights

One of the perks of using Paytrust88 is its free registration, allowing users to employ their existing online banking credentials. Most leading binary options brokers integrating Paytrust88 offer zero deposit fees. However, the withdrawal fees might differ among them. For instance, while GC Option waives off deposit fees for Paytrust88, it doesn’t bear third-party withdrawal charges. Traders should also remain aware of currency conversion rates during transactions.

Ensuring Safety

While Paytrust88 employs encryption technology to safeguard data, it lacks additional security measures like two-factor authentication. To steer clear from potential scams, traders must collaborate with reputable Paytrust88-associated binary options brokers.

Advantages of Using Paytrust88:

  • Zero fee for most deposits.
  • Enables payments using local currencies for South East Asian traders.
  • Direct payments through existing bank accounts, including leading ones like Maybank.


  • Only a select number of binary options brokers support Paytrust88.
  • The necessity to enter banking details might elevate fraud risks.
  • Inaccessible for traders outside the specified Asian countries.
  • Customer support primarily caters to merchants, leaving traders to rely on their binary options platform for resolving issues.

Making Transactions

Before transacting, ensure your broker supports Paytrust88. The process involves:

  1. Logging into the trading account.
  2. Accessing the deposit/withdrawal section.
  3. Selecting ‘Paytrust88’ and the associated bank.
  4. Inputting bank details.
  5. Specifying the amount.
  6. Reviewing and confirming the transaction.

For initial withdrawals, ID verification might be required. It’s also prudent to check for transaction limits.


Paytrust88 offers an efficient, low-cost payment solution, especially for South East Asian traders, due to its local currency support and no additional sign-up hassles. Yet, the limited broker support is a factor to consider. Our 2023 list of top Paytrust binary options brokers can guide you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Paytrust88 function for binary options deposits?
    • Acting as a bridge between brokers and traders, Paytrust88 enables direct bank transfers in local currencies of South East Asia.
  • Is depositing to binary options via Paytrust88 free?
    • Yes, many leading brokers like GC Option don’t charge for Paytrust88 deposits. However, withdrawal fees may apply.
  • Can I transact via Paytrust88 on mobile?
    • Though there’s no dedicated app, Paytrust88’s compatibility with brokers ensures mobile transactions.
  • Are brokers using Paytrust88 reliable?
    • While Paytrust88 is secure, traders must choose a trustworthy broker. Our list of top Paytrust88 binary options brokers can assist in finding a genuine platform.