Since 2012, Option Fair has been offering trading platforms to the individual, bank and company based traders. They displayed their experience early on and have become one of the most influential trading providers in the industry. They designed the platform to be user friendly, allowing anyone with a little bit of trading savvy to participate in the world of binary trading. Option Fair has managed to stay in the forefront of binary trading with their experience and technology they have put into their platform.

The Option Fair trading platform supports trades in commodities, indices and stocks, we well as currency pairs. The platform is ideal for the novice trader as well as the experienced trader. The trade process is efficient for the trader and the navigation of the trading screen is logical and understandable for anyone executing trades.

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Option Fair maintains a philosophy of continuing to educate the traders that use the platform. It does not matter what level of experience the trader has, fine tuning and polishing trading skills will make for traders who are successful more often than they are not successful. All traders have access to Option Fairs massive library of information that will not only educate the novice trader, but may even teach an old dog a new trick.

Traders have a choice of three trading options including Boundary, High/Low and One Touch. Option Fair traders also have the option to close their trade before the official time expires. This is a feature that allows traders to minimize loss. Closing a trade before the deadline might be the preferred strategy if the trade suddenly turns in the direction opposite of what was chosen. The trader will avoid a total loss on their trade. There is a fee assessed to close a trade early so a trader will not retrieve 100% of their investment.

Part of the educational process Option Fair offers their traders is to provide daily market analysis and information to help a trader make an informed choice for their trades. The information will indicate what trading area might prove to be the most lucrative that day. This will save a trader time in the research process to determine where to concentrate efforts.

The Option Fair platform is web based and has an application available for mobile device users. This enables always on the go traders to keep track of their trades anywhere in the world, no matter the time of day or night.

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